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Mission Statement

We aim to develop happy, healthy, independent learners who work towards a better future for themselves and for the world in which they live.


  1. To have self and mutual respect, showing care, tolerance and kindness to all.
  2. To act with integrity and honesty.
  3. To be happy and independent members of society.
  4. To aspire to be the best we can academically, physically and socially.
  5. To be confident and able to persevere and develop resilience.


  1. Most pupils consistently achieving or exceeding the national average at Key Stage 1 and all achieving the best they can aspire to.
  2. A safe and secure nurturing environment providing a diversity of cultural and sporting experiences to develop pupils’ learning and life skills.
  3. All stakeholders working to encourage an ethos of continuous development.
  4. Encourage parental commitment and involvement in their child’s learning and the wider school community.
  5. Encouraging and supporting dedicated and knowledgeable staff in making full use of their expertise.
  6. A sustainable school using resources effectively and responsibly.