Coming to school

Your child can be brought to school any time after 8.50am for a 9.00am start. The doors are kept locked until 8.50am, when a member of staff will be on duty in the playground. (Some teachers will be working in their rooms before that time, but are not on duty). It is the parents’ responsibility to supervise their children until the bell goes at 9.00am and the class teacher collects them.

The bell will ring at 9.00am and all children should be in school by then. At 9.05am registration closes. If you are late for school and arrive after this time please go into the school office.

We would like to encourage children to come into school on their own as soon as they are happy to do so – hopefully by the Summer term at the latest. However, please do not leave your child at the school gate.


Lunchtime is from 12.00 until 1.00. All children are entitled to a free school meal. If you would like further information please contact the school office.

Collection from School

School finishes at 3.15pm. When collecting your child please wait in the main school playground. Mole and Badger Classes come out through the yellow doors. Fox Class comes out via the gate at the end of their classroom. Owl Class come out through the hall doors. Squirrel and Hedgehog Classes come out through their classroom doors.

Please keep a watchful eye on your children once they are collected. Please do not smoke in the playground or in the school. Please do not bring dogs into the school grounds.


Children become very anxious if they are not collected on time. Let us and your child know if someone else will be collecting them.

School Gates

The school gates are closed between the times of 8:45am - 9:05am and 3:00pm - 3:30pm. This is to ensure the safety of our children.

If you need access outside of these times please press the infant school buzzer.