Mrs Casse

Owl Class Teacher

Mrs Casse teaches Year 2. She is subject leader for PSHE, RE and Maths.

Mrs Powell

Rabbit Class Teacher

Mrs Powell teaches Reception and is Rabbit Class teacher. She works all day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She is Subject Leader for PE.

Miss Collings

Fox Class Teacher

Miss Collings teaches Year 1. She is subject leader for Computing and Maths.

Mrs Lightfoot

Badger Class Teacher

Mrs Lightfoot teaches in Reception. She teaches Badger Class. She is subject leader for Science and History.

Miss. Hughes

Rabbit Class Teacher

Miss. Hughes is Rabbit Class teacher with Mrs. Powell. She works all day Mondays and Tuesdays and on Wednesday afternoons. She is the subject leader for Art and DT.

Miss Poulton

Owl Class Teacher

Miss Poulton teaches Year 2. She is subject leader for English and Geography. She is also the student and NQT mentor.

Mrs Campbell

PPA teacher

Mrs Campbell releases some of the class teachers so that the can have their PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time. She is also subject leader for Music.

Mrs Lightfoot

Fox Class Teacher

Mrs Lightfoot teaches Year 1. She is with us whilst Ms Morgan and Mrs Powell are off. She is subject leader for History and Geography.