What we are working on

Assessment: As a result of the last OFSTED inspection the school needs to build upon the existing good practice in using assessment information by making sure all staff uses the full range of agreed procedures effectively to identify pupils' individual needs. We have now introduced Classroom Monitor to ensure consistency across the school and so that data can be easily pulled out.

Teaching: Move teaching from good to outstanding through improved questioning, developing pupils’ independence as learners (skills to be an effective learner) and improving the skills of TAs.

Parents: Ensuring that the views of parents play a greater part in informing the school’s actions.

Phonics: Increase the percentage of children achieving the national standard for phonics (at least 78%)

Foundation Stage Maths: 70% children to meet the expected level in FS Maths

Writing: Increase progress in writing (in particular L3 writers) – 88% to make expected progress

Pupil Premium: Raise attainment of pupil premium children