Clothes and Uniform

We ask that children wear school uniform, as it gives them a sense of identity and helps the school as a whole look smart.

The uniform is a sky blue sweat shirt, grey trousers or skirts / pinafores and a white polo shirt.

Coats need to have a hook so that they can be hung on a peg.

We would like all children to have a pair of wellies that can be kept in school during the week, so that we can make full use of the grassy area during playtimes and during teaching time, without worrying about muddy shoes.

Dressing for P.E

Your child will need:

A bag

A t-shirt (sky blue)

A pair of shorts (navy)

Daps or trainers (velcro) for outdoor sessions

This is brought to school and left on your child’s peg. It will be sent home periodically for washing.

It is essential that all jewellery is removed for P.E. If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please do so at the start of the Summer break only.

Please ensure that your child’s belongings are clearly named, it saves a lot of time searching for lost items!

We have book bags in school and limited stock of jumpers and cardigans in the school.

You can buy the unifrom online from BRIGADE. Go to You will need to enter your child's name and select the school from the drop down menu.